Good things come from Japan and in small packages!

Good things come from Japan and in small packages!

Good things come from Japan and in small packages!

There can only be one car you think of when you read that title… the Mazda MX-5.

Occasionally, a car comes into production that redefines that class of car. That is exactly what the Mazda MX-5 did, also known as the Miata. This is undeniably one of the most iconic sports cars in history. With its sleek design, lightweight body, and precise handling, it quickly became a fan favourite in the automotive world. But where did this little roadster come from, and what impact did it have on the Japanese domestic market scene?

The Mazda MX-5 was first introduced in 1989 as a collaboration between Mazda and its partner, Ford. The car was designed as a throwback to the classic British sports cars of the 1960s, with a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, and a lightweight body. The original MX-5 was powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that produced 116 horsepower, which may not sound like much, but when combined with the car's low weight and excellent handling, it made for an incredibly fun driving experience.

The MX-5 quickly became a hit with car enthusiasts all over the world, but it was particularly popular in Japan. The car was seen as a return to form for Mazda, which had been struggling to find its identity in the 1980s since the realise of the RX-7 which was introduced in 1978. Now some might say how did the MX-5 ignite the passion for Mazda again when comparing it to the RX-7, but Mazda had created a car that was both stylish, fun to drive and affordable, which quickly became a symbol of the company's revival and led the path to its success, which still relevant to this day, as MX-5s are still a key part of Mazda’s car line-up.

One of the reasons the MX-5 was so popular in Japan was its affordability. In a market where sports cars were often out of reach for the average consumer, the MX-5 was priced in a range that made it accessible to a much wider audience. This meant that even people who weren't necessarily car enthusiasts could own a fun, sporty little car that was perfect for weekend drives, this also made it a favourite among young drivers and amateur racers, to get into the car scene and who also appreciated its combination of fun and practicality. This is still the case to this day, being a great first car to get into the car scene and you can pick up a cheap gem for a few grand and we’re telling you now, you won’t be disappointed.

In addition to its affordability, the MX-5 has also been celebrated in Japan for its design. The car's classic roadster styling, with its long hood and short rear deck, harkens back to the golden age of sports cars, and it has been praised for its timeless appeal. Additionally, the car's nimble handling and responsive engine have made it a favourite among driving enthusiasts, who appreciate its ability to deliver a pure driving experience.

The MX-5's popularity in Japan has also translated to the racing world. The car has been entered in a variety of Japanese touring car championships, including the Super Taikyu series and the Japan Grand Touring Championship (JGTC). It has also been a popular choice for amateur racers all over the country and world and can you blame them for picking such a car? You knew from the very beginning, the MX-5 was a car that was made for the track, with its lightweight body and excellent handling, plus it’s relatively cheap upkeep and maintenance, no wonder it has racing heritage all over the world, from professional to amateur.

Another reason the MX-5 was so influential in the Japanese domestic market was its impact on the tuning and modification scene. The car's popularity meant that there was a huge demand for aftermarket parts and accessories, and a thriving industry grew up around the MX-5. People began modifying their cars with everything from performance upgrades to body kits, and the MX-5 became a blank canvas for creative expression.

One of the reasons the MX-5 is so easy to modify is its straightforward design. The car's lightweight body and rear-wheel-drive layout make it an excellent platform for performance upgrades, and there are loads of bolt-on parts available that can increase power and improve handling. In addition to performance upgrades, the MX-5 is also easy to modify cosmetically. There are plenty of aftermarket body kits and styling upgrades available, including wheels, spoilers, and body panels.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of modifying an MX-5 is the large and active community of enthusiasts. There are plenty of online forums and social media groups dedicated to the MX-5, and many owners are eager to share their knowledge and experience with others. This means that finding information and advice about modifying an MX-5 is relatively easy, and there are plenty of resources available to help owners make the most of their modifications.

Overall, the Mazda MX-5 is an excellent platform for modification, with plenty of options available for both performance and cosmetic upgrades. Its simple design and active community of enthusiasts make it a favourite among car enthusiasts, and it is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get into the world of aftermarket car modification.

This is exactly why we’ve decided to join this community and purchase our very own MX-5 restoration project, to not only show you the power of our products and just how good they are however bad the canvas, and believe us, we’ve chosen a tough starting point. With this we are also going to have some fun along the way and add some modification, thus restoring and improving a piece of automotive history and giving new life to a plucky little car.

We also want your help as we want to involve the reader in restoring and modifying the MX-5. We want you the reader to take part in the decision-making process, we plan to share regular updates on the project, including photos and videos of the restoration process and the modifications that are happening. We also would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on what modifications we should make to the MX-5 to make it even more exciting to look at and drive.

Follow our social @VP_UK to keep up to date on everything that’s going on and get involved with polls and posts asking you what type of wheels or suspension upgrades we should add to the MX-5. Throughout the project, we will also share tips and tricks on how you can restore a car too, including step-by-step guides on how to use our products to the best of your ability. This will not only help you understand the process of restoring and modifying a car, but we hope will also inspire you to tackle your own project in the future.

We hope that this project to restore and modify our MX-5, we’ll be able to create a community around the project. By sharing regular updates and asking for feedback, we also hope to inspire other enthusiasts to join in the fun and create and show off your own projects. So, stay tuned and let's take this journey together!


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