Wheels are arguably the part of your car that gets the dirtiest, so require the best cleaning duo Decon-It and Wheel-It, perfect for getting off all that stubborn brake dust and iron particles, followed up by our non-acidic wheel cleaner to get your wheels shinning.


Decon-It: Iron Fallout Remover, is a potent solution crafted to combat fallout and iron contamination that plagues your vehicle's surfaces. Decon-It represents an innovative approach to decontamination, formulated as a reactive liquid it creates a blood-red hue, highlighting the contamination while effectively locking dissolved metal away from surfaces.

  • Colour change and bleed effect as it dissolves iron contaminants
  • Removes brake dust and corrosion on your wheels.
  • Can be used on paint work as well.


Wheel-It: Advanced Wheel Cleaner that effortlessly removes brake dust and road grime, leaving your wheels sparkling like new. Its versatile and non-acidic formula is safe for all wheel types, while also providing a protective barrier to repel future contaminants. Experience the difference with Wheel-It and keep your wheels looking pristine with ease.

  • Safe on all wheel types.
  • Superior cleaning action that removes dirt without scratching
  • Delivers professional-grade results with every use
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