The VP Detailing Brushes are essential car cleaning tools. They’re perfect for removing tough grime from hard-to-reach areas on your vehicle such as your car wheels, the ridges on the top of your car or the grooves on your car windows, and many other inaccessible areas that are difficult to clean with a microfibre cloth.

These high-quality brushes are devised from natural boar hair bristles that are strong enough to agitate the dirt but gentle enough to not scratch your paintwork. The long polypropylene handles are strong and comfortable to hold whilst detailing your vehicle. The brushes have a special softer plastic collar which will greatly reduce the risk of accidental scratching. The brush bristles are approx 4cm in length with a 15cm brush handle.

The VP detailing brushes are available in two different sizes. One slightly narrower which is better suited for smaller intricate spaces where muck and dirt has collected and built up over time. The larger thicker brush has a higher density of bristles and is ideal for larger spaces.

We recommend hanging up your detailing brushes after use to prevent any damage to the bristles. Both brushes have holes located on the brush handle so they can be hung. Alternatively, you can store brushes in your detailing bag or trolley with the bristles facing up.

hog hair soft bristle detailing brush