Wheels are arguably the part of your car that gets the dirtiest, so require the best cleaning duo Decon-It and Wheel-It, perfect for getting off all that stubborn brake dust and iron particles, followed up by our non-acidic wheel cleaner to get your wheels shinning.


Correct-IT: Fast Cutting Compound: a revolutionary liquid abrasive designed to effortlessly remove scratches from refinished or original paintwork. Its unique formulation breaks down during application, starting heavy for deep scratches and finishing light for finer imperfections. With its fast-cutting action, Correct-IT delivers a flawless, high-gloss finish quickly and efficiently. Experience perfection in every detail with Correct-IT.

  • Colour change and bleed effect as it dissolves iron contaminants
  • Removes brake dust and corrosion on your wheels.
  • Can be used on paint work as well.


Polish-It: Ultra Fine Finishing Compound: these high-quality abrasives help remove paintwork defects and blemishes. Infused with the finest grade Brazilian carnauba wax, Montan wax and siloxane, it offers your vehicle long term protection and an intense high-gloss appearance. Other benefits include defence against road debris and general wear and tear along with UV protection.

  • Safe on all wheel types.
  • Superior cleaning action that removes dirt without scratching
  • Delivers professional-grade results with every use
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