Ceramic-Eaze represents the cutting-edge polymer and SIO2 technology, providing an exceptional level of hydrophobic protection for your vehicle's exterior. Whether you're a professional detailer or a novice enthusiast, Ceramic-Eaze offers a user-friendly solution that delivers outstanding results.

Formulated with the latest specialist siloxane technology, Ceramic-Eaze creates a super hydrophobic protective barrier that forms a strong bond with your vehicle's bodywork. This innovative sealant features a cross-linking, self-cleaning formula that ensures long-term protection against environmental contaminants and harsh elements.

Ceramic-Eaze is designed for ease of use, allowing for quick and effortless application while still delivering excellent long-term results. With Ceramic-Eaze Advanced Vehicle Bodywork Sealant, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected by the latest in automotive surface technology.

With Ceramic-Eaze, your vehicle enjoys enduring protection against the elements, maintaining its showroom-worthy appearance with ease. Its exceptional durability withstands the rigors of daily driving, providing peace of mind and confidence in every mile travelled.

Backed by industry-leading technology, Ceramic-Eaze offers professional-grade performance that surpasses expectations. Its user-friendly application and seamless finish make it suitable for automotive enthusiasts and professional detailers alike, delivering a flawless and durable ceramic coating effortlessly.

ceramic eaze 1 year durable hydrophic car coating


Step 1: Before beginning, ensure you have a clean applicator pad. Shake the solution well and then spray a small amount onto the pad.

Step 2: Start by working on one panel of the car at a time. Using the applicator pad, apply the ceramic coating in a cross-hatch motion. This means moving the pad both horizontally and vertically over the surface to ensure even coverage.

Step 3: Once a panel is coated, allow the ceramic coating to cure for approximately 5-10 minutes. During this time, the solution will dry to a haze as it bonds with the surface.

Step 4: After the curing period, take a clean microfiber cloth and buff the surface of the panel. Use gentle pressure and circular motions to remove any residue and reveal the glossy finish beneath. Repeat this process for each panel of the car until the entire vehicle is coated and buffed to perfection.


Customer Reviews

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Mr Matthew Webb (Caerphilly, GB)
Simple, easy to use and effective

My 1st use of the 1 year ceramic coating and it's certainly lives up to the Ease name.. I had the wheels powder coated well over a year ago on my daily driver and took the opportunity to deep clean them, light cut and cost them. They are much darker in colour now, I would definitely say I witnessed a filling effect on light swirls but most of all the shine is fantastic. They have been back on and used every day since for 6 weeks, still looking as good today
. Cleaning is a doddle, most of the dirt and dust simply washed off with the usual PH neutral snow foam and following rinse.. Great product and ease of use takes away any fears of trying a true ceramic at home for the 1st time.. Great price and a big glass quality bottle that will go a long, long way.