Polish-It, your vehicle's ticket to a showroom-worthy shine and pristine paintwork restoration. Engineered to perfection, this high-quality finishing polish is a game-changer, capable of rejuvenating your car's appearance to factory standards.

At the core of Polish-It's excellence lies its ultra-fine abrasives, meticulously crafted to eliminate paintwork defects and blemishes with ease. From light scratches to surface imperfections, Polish-It works tirelessly to lift them away, revealing a flawless finish that rivals the day your car rolled off the assembly line.

But Polish-It doesn't just stop at restoring your paintwork – it goes above and beyond to protect it for the long haul. Infused with the finest grade Brazilian carnauba wax, Montan wax, and siloxane, this polish offers unparalleled defense against the elements. Say goodbye to UV damage, road debris, and general wear and tear – Polish-It has you covered.

What sets Polish-It apart is its versatility. Whether you prefer the precision of a hand polish or the efficiency of a machine polisher, Polish-It delivers exceptional results every time. Its user-friendly formula ensures effortless application, allowing you to achieve professional-grade results with minimal effort.

But the benefits of Polish-It don't end there. Not only does it restore your car's shine and protect its paintwork, but it also offers defense against UV radiation, ensuring that your vehicle maintains its brilliance for years to come.

Before applying Polish-It, ensure your vehicle is clean and dry, and apply the product out of direct sunlight. With Polish-It, bringing back the shine to your vehicle has never been easier. Experience the difference today and elevate your car care routine to new heights with Polish-It.

ultra fine finishing polish all in one


Hand Application: Apply 2-3 pea-sized amounts of Polish-It to a clean, lint free microfibre or a foam applicator pad. Using light pressure; spread the compound onto the vehicle's paintwork. Allow the compound to dry to a haze. Buff off with a clean, lint free microfibre to leave a glossy carnauba finish. 

Machine Application: Apply 2-3 pea-sized amounts of compound to a light foam polishing pad. Dab the product in several areas then using light pressure and the lowest speed setting; spread the compound onto the vehicle's paintwork. Work in small areas (50cm x 50cm) using an overlapping up/down and left/right lattice pattern for optimal coverage. Increase the speed setting to a maximum of 1000RPM and continue to work the compound into the paintwork until the polish becomes clear. Allow the compound to dry to a haze. Buff off using a foam finishing pad to leave a superb finish.