Correct-It: Fast Cutting Compound, the ultimate solution for achieving a flawless, high-gloss finish on your vehicle's paintwork. Engineered for efficiency and precision, Correct-It is a fast-acting liquid abrasive designed to tackle scratches with ease, whether they're on refinished or original paintwork.

Correct-It is not your ordinary compound – it's a game-changer. With its unique formulation, Correct-It breaks down during application, adapting to the needs of your paintwork. It starts as a heavy compound, effortlessly eliminating deep scratches and imperfections. As you continue to work it into the surface, Correct-It transforms into a light compound, refining the finish and erasing finer scratches with precision.

What sets Correct-It apart is its fast-cutting action. Unlike traditional compounds that require extensive buffing and polishing, Correct-It gets the job done quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort while delivering superior results. Say goodbye to stubborn scratches and hello to a showroom-worthy shine with Correct-It.

But Correct-It isn't just about correcting imperfections – it's about achieving perfection. Its advanced formula ensures that your paintwork receives the care and attention it deserves, leaving behind a flawless finish that shines like new. With Correct-It, achieving a superior high-gloss finish has never been easier.

Whether you're a professional detailer or a car enthusiast, Correct-It is your go-to solution for achieving perfection in every detail. Experience the difference with Correct-It and unlock the true potential of your vehicle's paintwork. Say goodbye to scratches and hello to perfection with Correct-It: Fast Cutting Compound.

correct it fast cutting compound light medium and heavy all in one


Hand Application: Apply 2-3 pea-sized amounts of Polish-It to a clean, lint free microfibre or a foam applicator pad. Using light pressure; spread the compound onto the vehicle's paintwork. Allow the compound to dry to a haze. Buff off with a clean, lint free microfibre to leave a glossy carnauba finish. 

Machine Application: Apply 2-3 pea-sized amounts of compound to a light foam polishing pad. Dab the product in several areas then using light pressure and the lowest speed setting; spread the compound onto the vehicle's paintwork. Work in small areas (50cm x 50cm) using an overlapping up/down and left/right lattice pattern for optimal coverage. Increase the speed setting to a maximum of 1000RPM and continue to work the compound into the paintwork until the polish becomes clear. Allow the compound to dry to a haze. Buff off using a foam finishing pad to leave a superb finish.