Bergamot, Black Currant, Apple, Lemon and Pink Pepper.


Pineapple, Patchouli and Moroccan Jasmine.


Birch, Musk, oak moss, Ambroxan and Cedarwood.


Introducing VP Freshen-It Odour Eliminator!

Say goodbye to pesky odours and hello to a breath of fresh air with VP Freshen-It Odour Eliminator! Crafted from a luxurious blend of high-grade fragrance oils, this powerhouse car odour eliminator is here to elevate your driving experience.

Devise your car's fresh oasis with our sophisticated masculine perfume blend.

Our advanced formula doesn't just mask bad odours – it neutralizes them at the source, leaving your car smelling clean, inviting, and oh-so-fresh. From food to pets and everything in between, VP Freshen-It Odour Eliminator tackles even the toughest smells, ensuring your vehicle remains welcoming and fresh.

Enhance your car's ambience without overpowering scents.

Whether after a thorough interior clean or a quick top-up between washes, VP Freshen-It Odour Eliminator keeps your car smelling as good as new. And it's not just for cars – perfect for vans, motorhomes, and even your home or office, VP Freshen-It Odour Eliminator is your go-to solution for neutralizing bad odours wherever they linger.

Experience the luxury of VP Freshen-It Odour Eliminator, proudly designed and manufactured in the UK.

Banish odours and elevate your driving experience with VP Freshen-It Odour Eliminator – because every journey deserves a fresh start!

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Step 1: Open the nozzle on the odour eliminator spray trigger.

Step 2: Spray a generous amount of the car fragrance into each footwell

Step 3: Allow Freshen-It Odour Eliminator to soak in for 5 minutes with car doors and windows closed.

For a longer-lasting fragrance, spray throughout your interior with the air conditioning on high and the doors closed. This will allow the product to work through your system and eliminate any bad odours coming from hard-to-reach places.