The VP Tyre Dressing Applicator has been cleverly designed to match the contours of your wheel arch. This durable absorbent sponge is perfect for applying your chosen tyre dressing and will help you achieve an even courage.

Designed with convenience in mind, our dual-colored applicator ensures an easy grip, allowing you to maneuver effortlessly around your tires. The inclusion of an oval slit strategically positioned on the handle further enhances comfort and control, enabling you to achieve pristine results with minimal effort.

Our Tyre Dressing Applicator is perfect for both liquid sprays and gels. The absorbent sponge allows the dressing to soak in, which prevents the dressing from sliding off the applicator. To enhance your tyres and achieve a gloss finish we recommend using Dress-IT - Rubber Dressing

tri foam rubber dressing soft eclipse applicator


Step 1 Make sure your tyre is clean before application

Step 2. Apply 3 sprays of your chosen dressing to the tyre dressing applicator.

Step 3. Apply the dressing applicator to the tyre wall not the tread and glide the sponge back and forth until evenly covered.

Step 4. Wipe away any residue before driving.