Introducing our Heavy Duty Hard Tyre Brush, the ultimate tool for achieving pristine tire walls with minimal effort. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this brush is designed to tackle even the toughest grime, ensuring your tires gleam with a renewed shine.

The Heavy Duty Hard Tyre Brush is a durable cleaning tool crafted from resilient white plastic, boasting both longevity and ergonomic comfort. Its sleek design features a curved handle for optimal grip and control, while the strategically angled handle enhances maneuverability, facilitating access to hard-to-reach areas around the tire. With densely clustered bristles, the brush effectively agitates and removes stubborn grime without risking damage to tire walls, ensuring thorough cleaning with ease.

Maintaining the Hard Tyre Brush is effortless. Simply rinse it in warm water after use, ensuring all residues are removed. Once cleaned, allow the brush to air dry, and for optimal longevity, hang it up to prevent any damage to the bristles. Alternatively, store it safely in your detailing bag or trolley, ready for your next cleaning session.

hard bristle white and black tyre cleaning brush


Step 1. Apply a liberal amount of Remove-It to your tyre wall and coat the brush bristles too.

Step 2. Begin scrubbing the tyre wall with the brush. Agitate the dirt until you notice the liquid has turned a dirty brown colour, this is all the excess dirt and grime that was stuck to the rubber.

Step 3. Allow this to sit for two minutes and then thoroughly rinse off.